Build Your Membership Program

Create rewards, track usage and manage memberships using Lakeview Loyalty platform.

Provide exclusive benefits & rewards to members

Lakeview Loyalty is a Membership based loyalty program that allows businesses to create a reoccurring revenue stream by providing exclusive benefits and rewards to members that subscribe.  Businesses can create rewards, track usage and manage memberships from a dashboard.

How it Works

Businesses can create rewards for their members thru the dashboard.  These rewards can be single, multiple or unlimited for members and can be set to be ongoing or expire.  When members sign up for the rewards, they are billed monthly and the revenue is automatically deposited in the business account.   Once members are signed up, they see their rewards on a web app and can redeem these rewards at the business.  Businesses are able to track rewards used and revenue generated


Create reoccurring revenue stream

Bring customers in more often

Everything is automated

Easy to use dashboard

Offer Rewards Like

Free Food

Discounted Meals

Exclusive Events

Wine/Food tastings

Free Merchandise

Shirts, glasses, hats…

Upgraded Service Levels

Priority seating, access to exclusive items

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